He was a loner and did not like people. When renting a room in an apartment, he occasionally came across a group of teenagers who played all sorts of silly games. A couple of times he saw the "bottle", other times it was "the truth or the case." All this seemed ridiculous to him and he did not want to participate, so he did not react in any way to the girls' attempts to get his attention. Until this evening ...

“Girls, what do you know about this guy who lives in that room?”

- Almost nothing. Never seen his face, always closed hood. Tall, broad shoulders. And why is he so interested in you?

- Yes, he, hike, loser.

The girls bellowed.

The guy entered the room and went on, trying not to notice the biting phrases in his direction. Suddenly he stopped. His head turned slightly toward her.

- Repeat what you said?

- I said that you hardly know where the girl has the clitoris.

He sighed. How is he tired of these youngsters. Usually, he did not prove anything to anyone, but this time he wanted to teach this upstart lesson.

“I don’t just know where the clitoris is, I’ll make you come so many times that you beg for mercy.”

- Yes of course. Everyone says like that. We know such clever men.

The guy took off his sweater. "Come here and stand by the wall."

- Here's another, why would it?

- Or you do as I say, or I then fuck you half to death.

The girl visibly tensed, but did not show a look. She was not happy that it all started. The guy turned out to be very cute. It was very strange that he hid himself behind the hoods.

- I count to three ...

- Fuck you. I was just kidding.

- Two...

The girl began frantically searching for her purse. “Girls, I probably went. Call you on the phone. ”

- Two and a half.

She pressed her purse to her chest and darted to the door.

- Three. I warned. The guy caught her in a matter of seconds and, turning, rigidly pressed against the wall. Without any foreplay, his hand instantly found her pussy. The finger quickly entered all the way. She flowed.

- Are teenagers always so wet or did you honor me? The girl tried to escape, but the guy was at times heavier than her. Sharply freeing her from short shorts, he spread her hips and found "the subject of dispute." The girl screamed and bit her finger - he knew where the clitoris was. She did not know what he was doing there, but the first orgasm came very quickly. It seemed to her that his language somehow managed to do everything and everywhere.

He loved to drive them into a frenzy. In his youth, he was fond of piercings and slightly split his tongue. After that, the girls had very little chance of not ending under his caresses. He felt how much her hands clung to his head and the battle of his “tongues” with the clitoris became rougher. This small, sensitive pea was already beginning to pulsate, and with a force he inserted two fingers. The girl finished. Strong and violent. He did not stop. erotic stories of sexytales Her hands “pulled out” his hair, trying to pull his mouth away from such a delicious pussy.

- Please stop. I was joking. Do not need more. I can't already.

He stopped and rose to the level of her eyes.

- Unzip my jeans and send my dick in your pussy.

- I can not.

- I warned.

- Please let me go.

- If you do not do this, I will do it, and it will be one strong and rough push. It will hurt.

With trembling hands, the girl unzipped his zipper until she felt the firm flesh that lay in her palm. She swallowed - he was huge.

- Y-you tear me up. I can't take it.

- It will wean you in the future to scoff at guys. Direct

The girl soaked her hand and put a little saliva on the hard, like a stone, member. Grudgingly, the hole opened up while she tried to pull it in completely. Feelings were unforgettable. The guy slightly moved his hips, helping to push further and further. He was usually very careful. No sex with teenagers, but this thing forced him. He began to move a little faster. The girl stiffened.

“Either you try to relax, or I will break through the flesh.”

- II can't. It's stronger than me. I finish again.

And without that tight pussy, shrank even more. He began to lose control. Firmly grabbing her buttocks, he pushed the penis deeper with force. He knew that she would not be able to walk tomorrow, but he did not care. Driving to the end, he finished.

Turning, he looked at the remaining teenagers. "Does anyone else have any doubts?" His gaze struck fear mixed with desire. They all liked to watch, but nobody wanted to be the next.